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Come out to the farm in August to see all the sunflowers that boarder the 30 acres. You can even get a ride through the field to see them up close. (For a minimum fee.)

You can all so purchase the sunflowers for food for the birds or flower arrangements.

We use them for a food plot for the birds, bees and butterflies.

There is always something happening at the farm. Please feel free to stop by.

Barn Quilts

The Barn Quilt displayed on the barn is part of the McHenry County Historical Society to protect the history of the barns in Mchenry County and to the history of Quilting that was done in the county.

We have many different barn quilts and change them frequently. The main quilt on the barn in the summer is the Honey Bee Quilt.

All barn quilts are actual quilt patterns used to make bed quilts and all have their own name and meaning. If you would like more information you can go to

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