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Who We Are...

Welcome to the Moehling Christmas Tree Farm website. Among the White Pines and Spruces there are over three thousand (3,000) Oaks, Cypress and River Birch Trees. As you are out in search for the perfect Christmas tree we ask that you be careful of the little seedlings nearby. Once 60% of the Pines and Spruce are gone the land will become a nice hardwood forest for our future children and grandchildren to enjoy.

If you see hardwood trees being crowded by a Pine or Spruce, we would appreciate it if you would cut the pine on either side of it (if you like it.) This will help the hardwoods to grow strong. Please, if you cut down a tree, make sure that it is the one you keep. Avoid cutting into a tree and then leaving it for one you like better! Those trees do not make it to the next year. 

2019 has been a hard year for the farm. We lost many trees due to the cold windy winter weather and then all the rain this spring, summer and fall, Please be careful of the little trees in the field as they will take 7 yrs to be large enough to sell. If you step on them or drag your trees across the lanes it will break them. We hope this will be a memorable day for you and your family. Remember if the trees have short needles it is better to get them later because the dry out the fastest. Remember to water everyday, and keep it away from heat vents.

Mel and I would like to Thank you for your support in our little family adventure and to 

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

For those of you who have been to the farm you will notice that Mel has decided to build a She Barn, That"s right girls a "She Barn", I have not decided what I will be doing in there quite yet but I have a few ideas and maybe you do too. So drop in the Machine shed and tell me what you would do if you had your very own She Barn. See you at the farm.

Why Us?

There are over 14,000 trees planted on this 30 acre parcel. The back 15 acres was placed in a Land Conservatory with T.L.C. and will never be built on. This was done to preserve the great Wetland area and nice Oak Savanna.

Ways to have a safe and fun time:

NO AXES or CHAINSAWS- If you do not have a saw, we will provide you with a bow saw to cut down your tree.

ONLY ADULTS carry our saws. 

The fields get muddy, plan ahead by wearing clothes that can get dirty. We recommend boots, hats and gloves.

Be careful of uneven ground and tree stumps.

Please be careful of the small trees please don't cut into the hardwood trees.

If you cut into a tree it is yours as they will die after getting cut.

It helps to bring a tarp for dragging your tree from the field and to help protect your vehicle.

Allow plenty of time for your visit. Remember that it starts getting dark by 4pm in the winter and that we suggest you allow at least 1 1/2 hours for your visit.

Note: The brown trees on the Property are Cypress Trees, they loose there needles every year.

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